Achieve Your Digital Transformation with Standard Harvest and Betty Blocks – Press Release

As Betty Blocks continues to reach each corner of the world, we’re excited to announce our new distributing partner in the US, Standard Harvest. The partnership is a result of rapidly expanding Betty Blocks’ services with qualified partners that share a unified vision on application development.

With this partnership, Standard Harvest will become the primary provider of service and application support to customers in North and South America. We have the opportunity to increase our presence in major regional areas of the world as the US is the leading market globally.

Digital Transformation Made Easy

Digital transformations are often a difficult, complicated endeavour for organizations seeking to innovate. Standard Harvest helps organizations achieve digital transformations as the IT landscape is constantly changing. Using our no-code software, Standard Harvest offers its services to digitize processes and achieve IT solutions easily and with value.

“Betty Blocks has established itself as a premier supplier of a no-code rapid application development platform,” Managing Director of Standard Harvest Matthew Rabinowitz said. The relationship with Betty Blocks allows us to extend our reach of Digital Transformation Tools to our portfolio.”

Supporting Customers Together

Betty Blocks is continuously striving to simplify app development and improve customers’ experiences in every aspect. Building this partnership with a shared goal, together we increase our network of sales and support personnel. Being near where customers are and providing them with the resources they need, is a key initiative towards achieving that objective.

“By adding Betty Blocks no-code solutions to our expertise and by leveraging our support infrastructure we can provide our customers with a total solution to their app, portal, and digital transformation needs,” Rabinowitz said.

About Standard Harvest

Standard Harvest provides a premier national distribution channel for digital transformation systems, services, professional services, Full-Service Apps (FSAs) and Full-Service Platforms (FSPs) all focused on enterprise innovation and digital transformation.  For the simplest of apps or for more complex value-chain platforms with 50+ apps viewing and working data, Standard Harvest is your go-to resource. More information about Standard Harvest here.

About Betty Blocks

With Betty Blocks, you can build complex, enterprise grade applications, surprisingly easy, fast and fun. In a world where speed prevails, Betty Blocks swiftly enables innovation and digital transformation for your company. Empowering people to look for the right solutions themselves without being constrained by programming or technology. With the Betty Blocks platform, applications can be developed 8 to 10 times faster.

Betty Blocks is growing with triple digits each quarter and successfully achieved a 182% annual growth for 2017. We have been included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and are the first ever no-code platform to have obtained the ISO 27001 certification.  More information about Betty Blocks here.


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