Hello World

I’m a developer, well kinda. . . 

citizen developer

Well not really.

But I am a power user.

I can hobble together basic scripts in a couple different languages. That might be a bit generous but let’s go with it. I’ve certainly got macros down. I’ve got access database dialed in too. Like a pro! I love me a good database. I am sure you have folks in your organization like me.

“What The Bleep Is A Power User?”

It’s easy to recognize us. We know more about the features and functions of our company’s application than just about anyone else. We figure out how to do things with the app or program, that no one knew was possible. We pull every juicy ounce of utility from our tech as possible. 

Rogue Developer, Shadow ITPower Users: A Pain In The App

A few years back I wrote this amazing, kick-ass database. It had forms and everything. It was exceptional work. I don’t normally call a database this but, it was a sexy database. With My “app” I was able to track the sales, service tickets and all the requests for my customers. My database was elegant. Soon my co-workers began using my utility as well.We had ourselves a brilliantly written, intuitive app and it made our jobs easier. Our customers were so pleased they began giving referrals. Prospects weren’t slipping through the cracks and forgotten. Sales were up. You think I would have been given a bonus, or at least a pat on the back.

I never got one. I did get in trouble.

Pirate User

What I had inadvertently created was a massive data breach. There was no security, and we were archiving personal information on hundreds of customers.

Massive –ck–‘ liability. Not to mention I was hijacking precious data from the company.

I’ll finish my story on Wednesday. Then I think we should have a different conversation. A relevant one and an important one. Trust me….it changes everything about your roll in tech. 

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