Who The BLEEP Cares About Your Silly Little Story Anyway?

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I don’t think you care about my story that much. Hopefully, you care about your business, your customers, and your employees? Yes? Good!

So, let’s make this about you, shall we?

Basic Assumptions First…

  • You work for a company that sells something of value (a product or a service) to someone who buys it.
  • Your customers are carbon-based life-forms who don’t live under a rock.
  • Living above rocks means you need a smartphone to do just about everything.
  • Carbon-based life forms use smartphones to engage with ideas, brands, communities, etc that they are interested in.
  • If you aren’t engaging with prospects in meaningful and innovative ways your competitor will. (Remember Blockbuster Video? Me either! Well, actually I do remember them…had cornered a market and LOST IT at the blink of an eye to a company that understood digital transformation before it was even a thing)
  • People do business with companies they already have a compelling and dynamic relationship with.
  • If you don’t find innovative ways to engage prospects, your competitor will and…you lose.

Not So Basic Assumptions…

  • You are a decision maker or have the ear of a decision maker at work.
  • You work with IT and/or other tech departments in your organization.

You Are Concerned With One Or More Of These…

  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation
  • Workflow optimization
  • Customer experience
  • Branding
  • Closing the IT Skills Gap
  • Developer shortages
  • Dev times that belong in the “Neverending Story”
  • Shadow IT

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