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Digital Transformation Part 1 of 2

How do you easily define an idea so abstract, it requires a Ted Talk to explain it. Here is a link to a very ‘Teddy’ Talk on the subject. What Does It Even Mean? Digital Transformation, It’s like saying you work in the in the ‘monetary acquisition” industry. The words make sense but put them…

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Digital Burgers, Analog Minds.

I went to Mcdonalds (Don’t judge) last night with my older brother. He is 12 years my senior and just a little bit of a technophobe. The whole concept of what Standard Harvest does is  completely foreign to him. McDonald’s was packed. You’d think they had the best burgers in the world! What else explains why…

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Airplane Pilots and Developers

A study was done on two groups of people. Group 1: Veteran airplane pilots.  Group2: Non-pilots. They were each given a test: Who can read an airplane instrument panel the best where speed and accuracy are concerned. The focus was on the ‘six-pack,’ the six most important gauges in an airplane.   Veteran pilots spend…

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