Airplane Pilots and Developers

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A study was done on two groups of people. Group 1: Veteran airplane pilots.  Group2: Non-pilots.

They were each given a test: Who can read an airplane instrument panel the best where speed and accuracy are concerned.

The focus was on the ‘six-pack,’ the six most important gauges in an airplane.


Veteran pilots spend thousands of hours interacting with this cluster. They hone their skills in serious ways. It can be a matter of life or death.

And the non-pilots? Well, they were given ONLY two hours of class study and a heartfelt good luck! (I’m not sure about the good luck part but I threw it in for good measure)

Pilots vs Non-pilots.

Guess who won? The non-pilots! They had better scores with much quicker response times.

How is it possible that rookies can do a better job? The simple explanation is they are looking at the problem with a fresh set of eyes. They are unencumbered by years of bad habits or obsolete norms and beliefs.

Pilots Are To Developers, As Non Pilots Are To Citizen Developers

We are seeing a similar trend in the high-tech business ecosystem of today. Traditional IT is can’t keep up with the pace of this rapidly changing business environment…Citizen Developers are stepping in to help move things along at a much faster pace.

What is a Citizen Developer?

Citizen Developers are non-IT employees who use tools like Access or Excel to build very functional templates and databases. When we pair citizen developers up with a no/low code platform we are seeing tremendous benefits like:

– Application delivery up to 10 times faster
– Shrinking backlogs
– Supercharged innovation.

citizen developer

Standard Harvest believes that citizen developers are clutch in any digital transformation. Give them the right tools. We can help you find the best solution.


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