Digital Transformation Part 2 of 2

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Last week I blogged about what a digital transformation is NOT. I want to touch on this concept again, just for a minute, because there is a lot of misleading information out there on the topic of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation is not about IT or even technology. It is not about an app or the cloud, or a whole suite of apps on the cloud. Digital, if you remember from my previous blog, in this context is used as a synonym  to express the increasingly rapid pace of change to society brought on by the ubiquitous adoption of technology, and in particular mobile technology. A DT is not the process of making an existing good or service virtual so you can access it on your smart phone. That would be too easy.

I got what Digital Transformation isn’t. What is it?

Sure, I am glad you asked. Now that we know what the word digital means, and doesn’t mean in this context, we can explore the word ‘transformation’, which is about as disruptive of a word as you can use. Let’s define using physics. (I like this definition of ‘transformation’, it really lays it on thick.)

Physics definition of Transformation: The induced or spontaneous change of one element into another by a nuclear process.

This transformation has to begin with the company culture, and this is the part the most companies miss.  In the business ecosystem of today your customers have the ability to easily, quickly and cheaply contract out (or buy from) any one of a thousand competitors all over the world. Now here is the interesting thing that we’ve found: Price is not a major deciding factor when your customers are choosing with whom to do business, customer experience is.

Technology has provided you with the ultimate customer experience platform and it’s up to you to foster an environment where new ideas are considered and tried. Have the understanding that most of these ideas will fail. And that’s OK. This is the new, highly innovative and interconnected business ecosystem that we all play in.

Where Does Innovation Come From?

These ideas for innovation shouldn’t come from upper management as they are often too far removed from their customers. Meaningful and profitable innovation comes from front line workers. The folks in the trenches with the customers. Those are your innovators. Not IT. Not upper management.

Another way to look at Digital Transformation is through the lens of innovation. A true DT will use technology to streamline and optimize workflow and use technology to create a highly personalized customer experience that is intuitive and easily accessible from anywhere.

This is where a No Code Platform really becomes clutch in your trans-formative endeavors. Full Service Platform

What’s working for you? What’s not working? Let’s chat about it. My Linkedin.

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