An Elegant Easy to Use No-Code App & Platform Development System

Removes headaches, heartburn, sore muscles, and anything else that long hours of coding does to you.


Works Across All Device Types

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1 App - Many Views

Develop applications rapidly and intuitively through visual modeling; 100% in the cloud, multi-device and cross-platform, designed with the flexible UI-builder. And all that without any code. Making it surprisingly easy, fast, fun and impactful.


Gartner Says

“By 2020, at least 70% of large enterprises
will have established successful citizen
development policies.”

Betty Blocks FAQs

Betty Blocks starts at $600.00 per month for small apps with unlimited users.

Each pricing level has a certain amount of Models, Actions, Pages & Web Services.  This is detailed in our pricing guide. Models are Tables in the Database, Actions are workflow Functions applied to the data, Pages are WEB pages showing your APP, WEB Services are foreign API calls.

Design Simple Apps in a few days, complex apps in a few weeks, and complex Portals & Platforms usually in 90-120 days.

Standard Harvest has developed a full family of Foundation Modules that get your Apps & Platforms off the ground quickly.

Only Limitation is Your Imagination


Apps & Platforms

Use the UI builder to quickly and easily build any front end you like. From customer portals to dynamic web apps.



Your app is multi-device, cross-platform ready and accessible everywhere.


Back Office

Betty Blocks apps offer a standardized back office. This saves time money and effort.  No diagnostic tools need to be built.


We chose Betty Blocks because of the flexibility of the platform. The business application easily grows along with our innovative taxi company.

Our Betty Blocks application ensures optimum operation of existing and new customers. De Kabath can now operate more quickly and efficiently.