Webinar: Is Low Code Right For You?

ATTN: Public Sector IT Professionals

A simple approach to digital transformation, hyper-optimization and unrivaled customer experience.

All webinar attendees who stay until the end of the webinar will be eligible for a very special (and free) offer.

County and public sector IT departments are up against an impossible set of challenges. There have been many solutions that have emerged over the years to help mitigate these challenges.

One of the more promising solutions that has emerged is Low Code Development Platforms. They represent a powerful new paradigm in Information Technology.

We have put together a webinar just for county IT organizations like yours. This way you can see if a low code platform would best serve you and your team.


Webinar Scope:

Low code development platforms continue to gain traction in organizations of all sizes. They offer a cost effective and practical solutions for the major issues of Digital Transformation.

During the live webinar, we examine the most pressing issues facing business, and how low code solves them.

Demo of an app built without a single line of code

At the end of the Webinar a very special and unique gift will be offered.


How Will Low Code Help:

Low code development platforms can do a lot more than you think. With the right strategy a low code solution helps…

  • Bridge the IT gap
  • The developer shortage
  • Digital transformation initiatives
  • Shadow IT
  • Scope creep
  • Endless backlogs
  • …and more



You’ll learn how to properly implement and leverage a low code solution to solve many of the obstacles associated with digital transformation.

You will learn about phased implementation strategies that save truck loads of money and time.

You’ll get a first hand look at a low code platform.

You’ll see a citizen developed app and Ill show you how it was built without any code by a non-developer

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