Full Service Apps (FSA)

Full Service Platforms (FSP)

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What is an FSA or FSP?

Full Service Apps (FSA) and Full Service Platforms (FSP) are the fastest ways to get your apps and platforms live.  Our FSA/FSP services are contracted on an annual or multi-year basis.  We offer a first in industry fully bundled ALL-Inclusive pricing that includes Concept, Design, Development, all Micro-Services, QA, Pre-Production Testing, Training, Production Launch, 7x24 Operational Support, Tier 2 Tech Support, Disaster Recovery, Backups, Compliance, and Business Continuity, and Maintenance and Updates.

Pricing models that match the way your business works:

  • Fixed Monthly Price
  • Fixed & Per User Price
  • Per User Pricing
  • Fixed & Transaction % Price
  • Transaction % Price
  • Venture Price

FSA = Full Service Apps, individually hosted Standalone Apps as a complete turnkey package, Front-End, Middle, and Back-end services are all inclusive.

FSP =  Full Service Platforms, have multiple Apps working on, and looking at, an enterprise working business data set from all the different required value-chain views, apps for clients, channel, sales, marketing, operations, supply, logistics all working in concert together with the right information to the right person at the right time.

"During the entire project, Standard Harvest was there to lead us through digital transformation. We ended up with an amazing online solution that our customers and ourselves value highly."



Credit Unions to Wall Street

Banking has a wide and diverse value chain from investors to board members, client and ATMs.  Our team has built industry scale platforms that cover all the stakeholders in the banking value chain.


Digital Marketing

Direct Email to Social Marketing

Our marketing Platforms and Apps help automate the digital marketing work.  We have an exclusive DRM for digital relationship management, tied closely to our CRM, and tied into our touch-point workflow systems.



Desktop to Operating Room

We build mashup apps and platforms that help tie together all the various legacy systems required to run any medical practice or institution. 



Product Marketing to IOT in the Field

Do you need your whole value chain to be digital, be on the same page or better yet accessing the same data?  Standard Harvest can create a seamless platform across your complete value-chain serving your business.



From Factory Floor to the Aisle

Logistics automation is where lost dollars are found.  Standard Harvest's Platforms and Apps can drive costs down and top line up.  We work with all of the mobile devices, and you can see real-time back in the office where everything is.



From Reinsurance to Agency

Need to have a platform or App that goes across all of your brokers and agents, Standard Harvest can make that happen for you.

Digital Transformation
Standard Harvest


All Included

App & Platform Types

Simple App

A Single Simple App with a simple database.

Expectation: 2-4 weeks

Mashup App

A Single App looking at multiple databases and sources.

Expectation: 4-12 weeks

Enterprise Platform

Multiple Apps looking at multiple databases and sources with workflows from different views.

Expectation: 24-60 weeks

MultiView Apps

Two Simple Apps looking at the same simple database.

Expectation: 4-8 weeks

Mashup Multi-App

Multiple Apps looking at multiple databases and sources from different views.

Expectation: 12-18 weeks

Value Chain Platform

A complex multi-tenant, multi-app, multi-database, multi-source transformational platform for the enterprise or industry value chain.

Expectation: 24-60 weeks

The Steps to Success

Our Attributes

Continually leverage existing emerging core competencies for empowered experiences. Appropriately harnessing customer directed content and go forward paradigms. Distinctively generating state of the art digital architectures for world-class markets.  Asymmetrically actualize seamless support after 24/365 customer service. Holistically pursue premier outcomes without change friction.

Professionally disseminate fully tested Apps & Platforms and digital transformational methodologies. Dramatically implement emerging workflows via efficient e-business. Continually productivate global paradigms for go forward functionalities. Compellingly evolve out-of-the-box solutions for error-free technologies. Credibly e-enable stand-alone mindshare vis-a-vis empowered methods of empowerment.

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