Attention CIO's: What Is The Key to Your Digital Transformation?

The Key To Your Digital Transformation Is Customization Through Experimentation.

  • 70% of all organizations that attempt to change fail - Don't be a statistic. 
  • Avoid the mistakes that bankrupted countless organizations.
  • Learn how IT can develop custom apps and software 8X faster...
  • While simultaneously decreasing IT workload. 
  • Supercharge innovation in every department.
  • Enable every department with the right tools to innovate and improve customer experience and workflow.
  • Citizen developers - who are they and why you need them.
  • Get control of your data and end shadow IT
  • Be the superhero of your company, and get the girl! (or boy)

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1. Change

"Embrace Innovation Or Die"

Technology disrupts the business ecosystem. Everything is changing and those organizations who don't adapt will die.

The inability to change has destroyed 80% of the Forbes 500 list.

2. Magnify

"...transformation begins within"

The most important part of any transformative process is honesty.

Before anything can change you have to know what needs to be changed.

3. Ready?

"Why do we follow? Because He leads "

Accept that you are going to have to change first.

Start with your interpersonal skills, they are essential for communicating the need to change and innovate.

Don't Lose

Your competition understands if they aren't seeking new ways to innovate and improve customer experience and workflow they will lose.

Innovation is everywhere. Talk to every department and ask them how they would improve or change existing procedures.


Power Users

You have computer experts in every department who may not code, but they do understand the power of technology when applied to a problem thoughtfully.

Often times they understand the application of technology better than developers. These are your Power Users.

No Code

Give the power of innovation to the people who have the ideas.

A no-code platform gives power users the tools to develop apps and software for their respective departments all without pulling resources from IT.

Power users who work with IT are Citizen Developers.

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