Entering the New Business Era…

Digital Business Transformation is now a requirement to survive!  It is almost impossible for your company to reinvent itself in the fast-paced, technology driven marketplace...let alone including your value-chain.  Standard Harvest can reinvent your company into a complete digital transformation makeover.

Apps & Platforms

Standard Harvest provides Apps, Portals, Enterprise Platforms, Value-Chain Platforms, and even complete Industry Platforms.  We offer, Digital Transformation Consulting, LoCode-NoCode Platform Consulting, Professional Design/Development Services, and Full Service App and Platform services.  We specialize in large scale deployments inside or outside the enterprise, transforming and monetizing your business structures & functions for your business.

Hello World

March 27, 2018

I’m a developer, well kinda. . .  Well not really. But I am a power user. I can hobble together basic scripts in a couple different languages. That might be a bit generous but let’s go with it. I’ve certainly got macros down. I’ve got access database dialed in too. Like a pro! I love me a good database. I am sure you have folks in your organization like me. “What The Bleep Is A Power User?” It’s easy to recognize us. We know more about the features and functions of our company’s application than just about anyone else. We figure out…

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