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Digitizing your business structures and functions is easy compared to transformational change.

Apps and Portals = Cultural Change

Apps can be delivered in weeks, getting people to use them can take forever. Knowing how to manage cultural transformational change is a must to survive in today's fast paced world.

About Us

Our team has decades of App and Platform building experience, across a wide variety of markets, from Top-Secret systems to simple expense and contract trackers.

Our Staff

From Board Room to the Field, our staff's experience can lead your company through a digital transformation.

Our Services

We can support your projects from concept through end-of-life.  Maintaining continuity across your complete value-chain of stakeholders.

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Business Transformation Executives

  • Executive Senior Transformation Architect
  • Culture Change Architect
  • Value Chain Platform Architect
  • Function/Structure Automation Architect

Project / Advisory Positions

  • Program Manager
  • Work Manager (e.g., Project Manager)
  • Functional/Configuration Lead (e.g., Business Analyst)
  • Technical Lead
  • Training Lead

Project / Advisory Positions

  • Trainer, End User
  • Senior Analyst (Business or System)
  • UX/UI Senior Designer
  • Senior Developer
  • Developer
  • Technical Integration Specialist
  • Data Model Architect
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Technical Writer

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From the Board Room to the Back Office, we provide a full digital transformation plan.


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From concept to launch, we utilize a 4 step approach for quality delivery.