Discover How Supermarket Executives Are Rapidly Delivering Solutions And Increasing Customer Engagement...

Without Adding More Stress To Their Lives!

...consider the fact that many retail supermarkets are supplementing their existing technology infrastructures with customizable and more flexible platforms which is enabling them to gain full control of automating processes and improving workflows...

More importantly is executives from retail supermarkets are constantly searching for ways to improve the bottom line, increase customer satisfaction and engagement all the while doing the best they can to keep employee productivity at its best...

Supermarkets have current systems and processes which involve the manual processing of data and communication...

If you are facing any of these issues...

Too Many non-centralized Database Management Systems, Spreadsheets and apps that do not centralize the data;

Standardized or COTS Software Too Difficult To Change;

Backlog of Projects is Ever Growing;

Concerns About Data Integrity;

Increased Customer Demands;

Doing More With Less;

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Here's A List of Supermarket Problems We've Solved...

  • Store Credits

    Workflow where store employees can submit and track credits for shortages, overages and spoilage;

  • Item Not On File

    Store employees submit to the corporate buyers a list of items that are not in the Point of Sale system;

  • Update Cost & Retail Change Request

    Store employees submit to the corporate buyers a list of items that they are requesting to update the cost or retail price;

  • Customer Feedback

    Workflow system where customers can submit complaints, concerns, positive reviews, feedback to corporate office and the appropriate personnel will respond to customer’s feedback;

  • Risk Management Information System

    Store and corporate employees submit incidents with employees, customers, vehicles or property and track the status for insurance purposes;

  • Employee Leave of Absence

    Tracking employee leave of absence along with printing of documents;

  • Maintenance and Inventory Control for Equipment and Vehicles

    Work Order Requests for maintenance of vehicles or equipment along with the tracking of inventory;

  • Project Cost and Time Tracking

    PMO track all project costs and employee submit their hours per project;

  • Store Inspection

    System for store managers to submit inspection reports and track when regulatory agencies inspect a store;

  • DC Routing, Shipping and Driver Manifest

    Web-based and mobile app for dispatching deliveries; enhanced security protocols and accounting tracking;

  • Company Risk Profile

    System that tracks the risks, actions and audit results;

  • Hold Down Tracking System

    Store department managers submit requests to reduce price of items that are not selling or are overstocked;

  • Safety Observation

    Web-based system for employees to submit observations made of other employees to help minimize injuries;

  • Ready Compliance Tracking

    System to track when store areas need to be ready for delivery of goods;

  • Incentive Program Tracking System

    System that tracks several incentive program initiatives such as pickers loading time, delivery times, resolving customer issues, no accidents;

  • Product Demo Tracking

    System that tracks sales of products being demoed at specific stores and times;

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