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How To Be A Technologist – 7 Tips

Only Technologists Will Survive The Digital Transformation And Continue Leading. Wait….What? You heard me, In today’s business ecosystem its possible to be technology adverse, but just barely, and not for much longer. The reality is this: The sun is setting on our current business paradigm and as we watch it slip quietly into obscurity, we…

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Games We Play.

A look at digital transformation through the eyes of a game theory. There are two kinds of games. An infinite game and a finite game. A finite game has fixed rules and the players are constant. The game has a very clear start and ending point. Most of the games we play are finite. Soccer,…

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Airplane Pilots and Developers

A study was done on two groups of people. Group 1: Veteran airplane pilots.  Group2: Non-pilots. They were each given a test: Who can read an airplane instrument panel the best where speed and accuracy are concerned. The focus was on the ‘six-pack,’ the six most important gauges in an airplane.   Veteran pilots spend…

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